You Could Earn Up To $1.5M As An iOS 10 Jailbreak Reward

Apple has been busy recently with its bug bounty program. However, there is another section of people who think otherwise. Case in point is Zerodium, which has come out clearly and announced their plan to pay anybody a $1.5M iOS 10 jailbreak reward provided the jailbreak works. The amount is way higher than the $200,000 that Apple will giving successful hackers in its bounty program.

iOS 10 jailbreak reward

If you are in doubt whether Zerodium will pay the reward or not, then this may be your first time you are hearing about the firm. The way the company operates is that it has been buying hacking talent for years. As a result, it has managed to come up with 0day exploits in different operating systems that they sell at a higher price.

Revamped iOS 10 Jailbreak Reward

The $1.5M iOS 10 jailbreak reward is a revamp on the $1M they paid last year for the iOS 9 jailbreak. Chaoki Bekrar, the CEO of Zerodium was quick to explain the increase in the amount of the reward. He said that they know Apple has increased its security levels on iOS hence jailbreaking it will require additional effort and more time.

In order for a hacker to claim the iOS 10 jailbreak reward, he needs to prove that the exploit works. After that, the next step will be to provide full rights to Zerodium. The hacker will then recieve the bounty amount within a week.


One of the important things that most people do not know is to whom Zerodium sells the exploits. However, most believe that they usually sell to governments and large corporations.

It is also worth noting the efforts of jailbreak teams like TaiG and Pangu. They have already released working jailbreaks to the public in the past. The teams have never considered the bounty rewards. People who are after the bounty rewards probably never release their exploits to the public.

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