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Pokémon Go Game for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch Launched

If you’ve been a cartoon fan, you definitely treasure the idea of owning a Pokémon and going with it to battles. This dream now seems truer than ever with the launch of the anticipated Pokémon GO game for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch. This new

Install iOS 10 On Your iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, iPad, iPod Touch 5G

Recently Apple made a huge announcement that iOS 10 has been released and features a whole lot of updates and features. For those who are interested in this new OS from Apple, I’m going to talk about the features to expect. With the new iOS, users will

Segue Cydia Tweak for Photo Organizers

Segue Cydia Tweak was released by the developers behind Photo Organizer 7 and many users appreciated this new photo organization app. Segue basically allows you to create highly customizable slideshow animations and adds them to your photos application, meaning you’ve got a huge variety of effects to

UPDATE: Meteor Jailbreak Tweak Nears Release Date

Meteor jailbreak tweak is the newest tweak that brings the current weather conditions and the temperature right on your weather app icon. Apart from the enhancement that the tweak adds to the weather app, Meteor also lends weather information to the iOS status bar, providing a new

25PP English Version Download Now Available

A few months ago, we showed you how you can use Safari to translate 25PP to the English version, however, you don’t have to go through this again, as the 25PP English version is now available for download in Cydia store. The 25PP English version is completely