Columba -Quick Way to Compose and Reply Messages

Columba jailbreak tweak for iOS 9 brings about improved features that make it easier and fun to compose and reply messages straight from your device. If you have ever used biteSMS, then you have an idea of what Columba does. However, it does its work better than its predecessor.


Features of Columba Messaging Tweak

One of the fancy things about Columba is that it can bring the quick reply option anywhere on the iOS device. Whether on the home screen or an app, you can just launch quick reply by firing an Activator action. Well, it’s true that the iPhone comes with its quick reply option. However, it isn’t as fun or easy to use compared to Columba. Besides, it will most of the time require you to enter the messaging app unlike Columba.

While the quick compose message option allows you to enter the name of the recipient, the quick reply option already has the space filled. Simply compose your message and hit send without leaving the app you’re using. Below the quick compose and reply option, there are also other options such as call, save message as a template, and schedule the message for later use.


If you would like to have a look at your message history, Columba makes it easy for you without having to open the messaging app. A quick glance at your conversations might just be what you need to be reminded of something or get a reply ready for a previous message. This section will allow you to see any message that you might have received during the day.

Probably one of the most important aspects of the tweak, Columba allows you to schedule messages for sending at a later date. Simply hit the quick messaging option, type your message, and hit schedule. Here, you’ll set the time and day for sending the message. It works best when you need to tell somebody something that you might forget. The tweak is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it goes for $0.99.

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