Cydia Substrate Updated to Fix iOS 6 Bug

Cydia’s founder, Saurik, has updated Cydia Substrate in a development that is meant to better the jailbreak experience on iOS 6 devices. The updates come as a resolve to a bug that could create issues on devices running iOS 6. Saurik explained that the bug was hindering Cydia from running properly. This could stop jailbreak tweaks from functioning.

cydia substrate

According to Saurik, this fix is not just meant for iOS 6 only. Rather, all people who have jailbroken their devices should make use of it to prevent facing issues. The update is available for free and is also very easy to install. In this post, you will learn how to perform a refresh and install Cydia Substrate. This helps you prevent your jailbroken device from having bugs.

How to Install Cydia Substrate to Fix Cydia Crash Bugs

  • Open Cydia and go to the changes tab
  • On the top-right corner, tap refresh to load new packages as well as updates
  • Once you have refreshed Cydia, you will see a pending update appearing in the changes tab
  • Tap to open the update
  • Tap Modify then upgrade
  • Tap confirm to allow the update to install on your device

Give it a while for Cydia Substrate to install and start functioning. Once done, you can resume using Cydia as usual, except this time it will be way better. The bugs will have been fixed and your tweaks and apps will run without any problems.


As explained earlier, this tweak isn’t just meant for iOS 6. This is despite the changelog saying so. It was developed for iOS 6, but works for later versions too. To be on the safe side, make sure to run this upgrade no matter the iOS version of your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Once done, you will be able to install any app and tweak without worrying about Cydia crashing.

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