Cylinder Brings Animations to the iPhone Homescreen

Inspired by Barrel, Cylinder jailbreak tweak allows iPhone users to add fancy animations on the home screen. Well, Cylinder is not like the other homescreen animation tweaks since it allows you to create your own animations using special Lua scripts. You can also combine other animations by layering them on top of one another. This creates countless new animations that you can generate on the home screen.


Cylinder: Settings and preferences

Cylinder has a combination of settings that can be used together to create amazing effects. In the preferences, you will find settings such as a preference toggle, a randomization switch, and a kill-switch. The tweak even features a couple of other effects that have been developed by other developers. If you used to know Cylinder from back then, you’ll be surprised to see how many features have been added of late.

If you are enthusiastic about discovering new features and effects, then a visit to the settings section would definitely spark a smile. Here, the tweak allows you not just to form layers, but also add new ones on top of the existing ones.  To create this layers, you have to add custom formulas. Without adding a formula, Cylinder won’t remember the effect combinations and their selection orders.


To add new formulas, select a group of effects and in the formulas section, create a new formula. Once you have created the formula and are satisfied with the combinations, you can enable it anytime to have that combination showing on your homescreen. Have fun with lots of possible combinations to make your iPhones homescreen admirable.

With the latest developments that have been added to Cylinder, this jailbreak tweak has not only emerged as interesting, but it’s also one of the best tweaks on Cydia. The tweak is available on the Cydia BigBoss repo where it can be downloaded for free.

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