Eclipse 3 Jailbreak Tweak Brings Night Mode to iOS 9

You can now enjoy a night mode version of your iOS 9 thanks to Eclipse 3 jailbreak tweak. This tweak was in existence earlier but wasn’t working on iOS 9. The developer recently made the important upgrade to allow many people continue enjoying this incredible tweak on the iOS 9.3.3 devices that are jailbroken.

eclipse 3

How Does Eclipse 3 Transform iOS 9.3.3

When installed on iOS 9.3.3, Eclipse 3 brings about a night mode look on the interface. The tweak changes all the apps interfaces to look even darker and easier to read. It reduces the amount of strain on your eyes for those who have a problem viewing bright things. Eclipse 3 is probably best used at night where your iPhone might be very bright hence giving you difficulties while viewing.

Eclipse 3 hasn’t just got an update, it has one notable change. When installed, the tweak doesn’t enable on all applications by default like it used to. This allows you select those you want to enable, rather than disabling those that you don’t want the setting to apply to –which are mostly more. The only app that doesn’t work with this tweak is the notes app.


Eclipse 3 is a simple but very useful tweak for those who want to maintain low light on their devices. Not only does it save you the hassle of having to reduce the light every now and then, it also works with most applications. The latest development to support iOS 9, makes it even more accessible to most people. The tweak has undergone a couple of updates over the last few months, with more expected soon as it moves to iOS 9.

It is worth noting that this is a tweak developed for devices that have been jailbroken. You’ll get an update once the non-jailbreak version is released. You can find Eclipse 3 on the Cydia BigBoss repo where it goes for 0.99.

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