Exsto Improves the Way You Interact With Your Homescreen Folders

Keeping your apps in folders on iOS helps to organize your home screen and makes it much easier to work with. For the longest time now, Apple has had the same clichéd way to store your apps, which is quite mundane and cumbersome to use- if you think about it.  Fortunately, Exsto has brought in a new experience that allows users to break away from the retrogressive approach of interacting with folders offered by Apple with an interactive tweak.exsto

Exsto is Quite the Handy Tweak

The handy jailbreak tweak provides a radial view of all your icons by simply long pressing the folder where your particular app is located. The radial view for the icons pops up in variable angles based on the location of the folder on the home screen. After that, you are supposed to slide your finger up to the icon that you want to select and let go for the app to open.

The pop-up icons have been designed to resize based on the number of apps in a particular folder to enhance coherence.   

Exsto’s sole purpose is to augment access to apps in a folder without having to open the folder or breaking a sweat. The tool also allows you to set the number of apps that will be instantly be displayed, as well as the diameter and delay of pop-ups from your folders.


If you are wondering, this display also bolsters identification of notifications received by including a red glow on the specific podcast icon. Once more, you only need to run through the list to find which icon has the said notification without having to go through the time-consuming process of opening a folder and skimming to the intended app. In case you want to take a break from this functionality, you can disable the feature from the Exsto settings.    

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