How to Hide iPhone Dock [No Jailbreaking]

Do you want a cleaner home screen without a shaded dock? This new trick will enable you hide iPhone dock without having to jailbreak it. It is available for all versions of iOS, including iOS 9.3, and below is how to use it.

Hide iPhone Dock

The hide iPhone dock trick is pretty much similar to a previous tweak that turned the home screen folders round. This tweak uses a wallpaper feature that prevents iOS from rendering the dock the way it’s supposed to, so it just disappears leaving you with a clean look.

According to Redmond pie, this trick works pretty well on different versions of the iOS, including the iOS 9.3. If you want to enjoy this new tweak, here is how to go about it.


Steps to Hide iPhone Dock

Below are the steps to follow when you want to hide the iPhone dock on your iPhone.

  • Visit 246.187.61:47224/hide_the_dock.html to find the wallpaper you need.
  • Tap and hold the wallpaper to download it by clicking on save as
  • Go the Photos app and find the wallpaper you have just downloaded
  • Tap the share button
  • Tap ‘use as wallpaper’
  • Tap ‘still’ then ‘set’
  • Select ‘Set Home Screen’ and select any wallpaper for your lock screen
  • Return to home screen

When the home screen re-appears the dock will no longer be there, leaving the iPhone with a cleaner look. If you feel like returning the dock, simply choose another wallpaper. Since iPhone are keen on fixing any kind of bugs that people manipulate to cause some of its parts to function differently or cease to function altogether, it is more likely that they take action and eliminate this trick. However, before they do, you can enjoy hiding the iPhone dock.

Have you used this trick to hide IPhone dock? If so, please let us know.


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