Get iOS 8-Styled Notifications in iOS 9 With 8Alerts

As expected, iOS 9 introduced some new features and user interface refinements. Although the general look of the interfaces in iOS 9 are similar to those in iOS 8, you must have noticed the tweaked alerts regarding their corners. The corners on the alerts are rounder in iOS 9 than in iOS 8. However, such rounded corners did not impress everybody. Having said that, it is good news to know that the new jailbreak tweak dubbed 8Alerts will help you revert the mentioned tweaks.8Alerts

What You Will Achieve with 8Alerts

8Alerts aims to make alerts in iOS 9 be sharper like before. The only thing you need to do is download and install the tweak on your device. After a successful installation, you will immediately have alerts with the iOS 8-style notification. The other thing to note is that 8Alerts does not have any configuration options for further customizations to suit specific personal preferences.

Despite the ease in installing 8Alerts and getting started, it boils down to personal preferences. While some users still love the pointer corners of alert notifications, others prefer the rounded ones and consider them progressive.

Once installed, the tweak will affect all alert notifications. That is, provided an app can show alert notifications, it will be affected by 8Alerts. For instance, alerts from Reminders and Calendar will have the shaper corners. The alerts will look as they did in iOS 8 and it is really hard to differentiate them from the real iOS 8 alerts.


From a usability point of view, the tweak will not have any impact. The impacts are solely cosmetic. As such, you can go ahead to visit Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download the tweak for free to add it to your jailbroken device. Try out the tweak and comment below with what you experience.

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