MadridDelete Lets You Delete Messages Right from Notificiation Center

One of the main things that most iPhone users look forward to when purchasing the device is privacy. However, that may not be the case always. One has to take a personal responsibility to improve the security level of his or her device. Apart from using manual and the in-built iOS features, there is always the option of jailbreaking your device. In turn, you will be able to enjoy a ton of tweaks can really boost the privacy level of your iPhone. Case in point is the new jailbreak tweak dubbed MadridDelete.MadridDelete

With this tweak installed, you will be entering unchartered waters. That would be the case because it will be possible to delete incoming notifications right from the Notification Center or Lock screen. Ordinarily, the two main things that you can perform from these two locations is clearing new notifications or marking them as read.

MadridDelete at work

One of the most interesting thing about MadridDelete is its ease of use. After installing it, you can just swipe to the left on any notification. With the swipe, you will reveal an additional button to delete the message. It is an additional button because of already the existing Reply button. Even if you are on the Lock screen, the left swipe will be enough to reveal the Delete button.

Depending on how you take it, the tweak does not have any options to configure. You would be able to start using it right away after installation. The only thing that may throw you off a little bit is its unavailability in any of Cydia’s default repos. As such, you will have to add a third party repo first to get it. In order to do so, follow the following steps:

  1. Launch Cydia on your device and go to Sources
  2. Tap on the Edit, then Add button
  3. Type URL in the text field that will pop up
  4. Tap on the Add Source button for the repo to load into Cydia
  5. Search for tweak in Cydia and install it for free

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