UPDATE: Meteor Jailbreak Tweak Nears Release Date

Meteor jailbreak tweak is the newest tweak that brings the current weather conditions and the temperature right on your weather app icon. Apart from the enhancement that the tweak adds to the weather app, Meteor also lends weather information to the iOS status bar, providing a new and effective way of viewing the weather.

Meteor Jailbreak Tweak weather

If you own a Jailbroken phone, then Meteor jailbreak tweak should be installed. The tweak is easy to use and you’ll definitely love it from the word go!

How to Install and Customize Meteor Jailbreak Tweak

Once you have downloaded and installed the Meteor jailbreak tweak, you need to head to the stock settings section where you’ll find the preference panel. There are several customization options here including those that change the appearance of the tweak, status bar, and the weather icon. You’ll also find the obligatory kill switch.


Although these changes will need a respring on the Meteor jailbreak tweak, it is also possible to change the way the weather appears on the weather app icon and the status bar. To do this, you just have to re-arrange the order of the weather app cards and place one that you need shown on the icon first. It should work instantly.

Although there have been some other tweaks like LiveWeatherIcon and WeatherIcon, Meteor jailbreak tweak is a unique tweak that offers quite a lot. It uses some of the glyphs from the native weather app to provide the users with accurate weather information. All this is packaged in a nicely looking way that will surely make your home screen nice-looking.

Meteor jailbreak tweak will be available on the Cydia repo and will go for about $1.99. According to the latest tweets from developers, it is set to be availed very soon.

Are you anticipating the release of the Meteor jailbreak tweak? Do you feel it has something to offer to you? Please share your comments with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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