NotiCopy: Tweak for Copying Text of iOS Notifications

Notifications on iOS give you a quick overview of an incoming message. However, that is not all that people want to do. Thanks to the new jailbreak tweak dubbed NotiCopy, you can do more than just previewing received messages on your notifications. The tweak allows you to easily copy the text in notifications. Copying the text can take place even if the Lock screen is on, or when you are at the Notification Center pane.NotiCopy

Copy Notification Content to Clipboard Using NotiCopy

There are many situations when you would want to copy the content of a notification. After copying, you can paste the content elsewhere. A good example when someone sends you a message that you quickly want to send to another person. NotiCopy also makes it easy and fast to copy incoming links and pasting them into Safari. This means you can avoid opening the messages.

Once you have installed the NotiCopy tweak, you will be able to long press on a notification to copy it. A “Coped to clipboard” alert will appear to show you have successfully copied the text. This tweak works with any app that can leave a notification on the Lock screen or the Notification center.

The Benefits of the Tweak

The tweak can also copy the entire content of a notification even if it exceeds the preview limit. Having been copied to the clipboard, you can then paste the entire content to the Notes app. That way, you can read the entire content.


When using NotiCopy, it is very easy to avoid read receipts especially when the feature is turned on in iMessage. Copying and pasting notification text to another app will let you know what someone has sent you without them knowing you did so. Although not among the important functions of the tweak, this option can allow avoid replying to some messages. It is an exploit that you can take advantage of.

Given the handy features that NotiCopy presents, it is only reasonable to try it out. You can get the tweak for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The app does not need any configurations. Hence, you can start using it right away after installing. Have you used the tweak? Give your feedback in the comment section below.

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