How to Play YouTube Videos on The Background

The way the mobile version on YouTube is developed, it is in such a way that you can’t push it to the background and it continues to play. The moment you remove it from the foreground, the app stops immediately. This becomes boring if you need to play music on YouTube while working on other things on your iPhone’s foreground.


The YouTube app for iOS has been updated for iOS 10. It features plenty of great features such as the ability to watch videos offline. Other features include ability to download videos and even schedule the app to play or download. Despite all these features, you cannot play videos and music in the app in the background.

How to Play YouTube Videos in The Background

For you to play YouTube videos in the background on your iPhone, then the following tips will come in handy. This trick requires that you have the latest versions of iOS, such as iOS 9 and iOS 10. You should also use the Safari web browser. Don’t use just any other browser since this might not work. Once you have all these, follow the tips below:

  • Open Safari
  • Visit
  • Open a video of choice and then press the home button. This will stop the video from playing
  • Now swipe up again on the to access the control center
  • Find the play button that allows the video or song to continue playing
  • Simply tap on it and the video or song will continue playing in the background

However, at this point you should remember that the video is playing right from your Safari browser hence you shouldn’t close it. Hopefully, you have managed to play a YouTube video in the background on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Make sure to use Safari since any other browser wouldn’t work.

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