Pokémon Go Game for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch Launched

If you’ve been a cartoon fan, you definitely treasure the idea of owning a Pokémon and going with it to battles. This dream now seems truer than ever with the launch of the anticipated Pokémon GO game for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch.

Pokemon Go iPhone Game Icon

This new game for iOS devices features all the renown characters of the original Pokémon series, hence you can be sure to find cartoons like Pikachu and others. The creators of the game opted for a mixture of graphics and augmented reality, which gives it an exciting appeal.

Pokémon GO Game Concept

The Concept behind the Pokémon Go game is to walk around the neighborhood attempting to find a Pokémon. Once you have located one, aim at it with your camera and throw the ball in order to capture it. The Pokémon is cunny and will get away sometimes.


The game gets abit more realistic with some of its features. Using real neighborhoods is a major boost while also placing Pokémon’s at certain places where they are supposed to be makes it more fun. For example, you can only get a water-type Pokémon near a water body.

To aid your quest for a Pokémon, the game provides PokeStops, which are normally found near museums or monuments and allow you to get items such as PokeBalls. Apart from capturing the Pokémon, you get to participate in other activities like Gym battles. Also, the skills of the Pokémon improve as the game progresses.

If you have been a Pokémon fan, then definitely you know how exciting it can be to play this game. You can easily download the game from the Apple app store for free and play your favorite game to capture as many Pokémons as possible.

Have you downloaded the Pokémon GO app? Please share your experience with us.

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