SmallHint Jailbreak Tweak Gives Passcode Hints

If you think that you may at one point forget your iPhone password, then SmallHint is just the right tweak that you shouldn’t install in your jailbroken device. This jailbreak tweak works by placing an inconspicuous hint of your password on the lock screen, immediately below the date.


For most people, it isn’t easy to forget your iPhone, iPad, or iPod password. However, for those who have many things to attend to or have an extra iOS device that is password locked but not used often, then forgetting the password is one of the risks that you can encounter. Also, iOS lets you have longer passwords that may at some point be a hindrance to accessing your device when you forget them.

If you are accustomed to setting simple passcodes and often use your iPhone, there is no way you are going to need this tweak. However, if you have a long alphanumeric passcode, you will definitely find this tweak to be more helpful.


SmallHint Installation and Configuration

Installing and setting up SmallHint is indeed easy. Simply head to the preferences page in the settings app and here you’ll find a group of options that need configuration. Once on the page, you will see an option to enter the hint and RGB sliders to alter the colors of the texts that will display. There is also a toggle switch that is used to enable or disable the titles or even the calendar. The good thing about this tweak is that the settings will apply immediately and you don’t need to restart your device in order for them to apply.

One thing that you will note, however, is that there is no hint to indicate the color you have chosen for the tweak to display text in. In this case, you will need to have the color codes of your preferred colors in mind before you proceed to select the RGB settings. You can also use online color pickers to instantly pick a color or choice instead of having to lock and unlock your iPhone to find out if SmallHint has applied a color of your liking.

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