Fix Unable to Install WatchOS 3 Error on Apple Watch

The WatchOS 3 is by far the most advanced and feature-rich OS, designed to enhance the user experience of Apple Watch Users. The re-designed user interface operates 7 times faster than the previous one and Siri is even much more improved.

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Installing and testing the WatchOS 3 is a rich experience, if you manage to do it successfully. However, some people haven’t managed to install it as they keep getting an update-failed error, whenever they are not connected on the internet.

If your Apple Watch gives you such a message Unable to Check for Update, “Checking for software update failed because you are not connected to the Internet. The following tips should provide a quick fix.


Tips to fix WatchOS 3 Installation Problem on the Apple Watch

  • Ensure that your iPhone runs on iOS 10 beta version
  • Install WatchOS beta on your AppleWatch. Reboot to complete the installation
  • Connect the phone to a Wi-Fi network
  • The watch should have at least 50% charge before you begin installation. Make sure to connect it to a charger during the entire process.

If you’ve done all this and the installation still fails, follow the tips below to complete the installation process.

  • Reboot the Apple Watch and iPhone and then commence the process again
  • Remove the existing profiles on the watch and add a new profile before rebooting again.
  • Switch on VPN and initiate update. Enter password if prompted, then switch of VPN
  • Remove the beta profile and reset the device. Make sure to re-install the profile from the developer portal and reboot your devices.

The methods that I’ve just given should be the last resort once the steps given in the previous section don’t work. Once you have done any of these, the error should be solved and you’re now capable of installing WatchOS 3 easily on your Apple Watch.

Have you used any of these methods? Please share the experience with us.

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