Luca Todesco Demonstrates a Working iOS 10 Jailbreak Called yaluX

With the launch of the iPhone 7, apple also released iOS 10. This latest version of iOS can be a great or bad thing depending on how you view it. To the jailbreak community, the release does not cause much on an impact since there is still no official jailbreak for it.  However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Despite iOS 10 being only a few days old, hackers are already in the process of exploiting it. There might be a possible iOS 10 jailbreak called yaluX after a demo video from Luca Todesco.yaluX

If you use jailbreak tweak, Todesco is a well-known hacker for iOS. In his demo video, Cydia was running on an iPad powered by iOS 10. It is important to know that little information exist about this working iOS 10 jailbreak, yaluX.

However, the hacker was quick to note that he had to do a lot of work on Cydia Substrate to ensure it work smoothly on iOS 10. Further, he did use a self-made library instead of the SubstrateLauncher.

How yaluX works

In the demo video, Luca starts by first opening jailbreak tweaks, which include Cydia. Clearly, they did not work. After that, he proceeds to run a utility that performs extra operations. Afterwards, he resprings the device. When running the jailbreak tweaks for the second time, you could see that they work properly without any bugs.


One thing now remains clear, and that is he has managed to jailbreak iOS 10 using his yaluX. However, the jailbreak is semi-untethered. As such, you will always need to run a utility and respring your device with each reboot.

Previously, Luca has demonstrated jailbreaks without releasing them. Based on that, it is highly unlikely that he will release yaluX. As such, jailbreak lovers can only hope and wait for teams like TaiG or PanGu to release a fully working iOS 10 jailbreak.

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